I’m Mark Beattie, the author of this blog.   I’m a husband of 14 years, father of 5 young children (one of whom is disabled), homeschooler (though my wife does literally all the teaching work), owner of 2 dogs, 1 cat, 6 chickens and 1 bunny. I’m a tech worker who recently moved from the Seattle area to Charlotte to help plant a house church. Those are things I do, but I’m not impressive.  I’m a sinner like everyone else and I struggle with a mess of really ugly, gross things. Thankfully, God is great and has forgiven my sins and mess in order to make me new and part of his forever family. There is only one who is good and that is the one I serve – the one true King Jesus Christ. I fail and sin every day, but his mercies and forgiveness are new each day, praise God.

I put this site together to help me and/or anyone else remember the truth about who God is, what he has done, who we are in light of all this and how he is calling us to live our lives.