Journal Notes

It is so easy to get pulled into the stress of work and to become enslaved to it, losing Gods vision for your life. Don’t forget why you are there. Additionally, have patience on those who are burned out and grumpy. Show them grace and mercy.

Pray for the Holy Spirit to come and speak through you like he did for David. (2 Sam. 23:2)
Be patient, haste makes mistakes. Seek advice.
Trust that God is good. Do not worry about that project or that deadline. God is faithful to his promise that he will provide for your needs.
The only thing that will give you safety and peace of mind is God. Not your work, not your home, nothing but God himself. You can rest only in him. All other ground is sinking.

Cling to the help of your wife and even sometimes to your family. They love you. Do not forget that. They are for you. Do not be a fool. Do not angrily yell back at people in an argument. Keep the peace. Get out of bed! Work hard and do not think of yourself as more wise than you should. Know the place God has put you and work hard.

You are upset by people’s judgement of you, particularly if they are right and you’ve done something wrong. This is because you seek your glory and not Gods glory. Remember that you live for his glory. You have died to yourself and live for him now. Repent of this attitude and turn around. Remember that you are a sinner but Jesus is perfect. Then do what is right and live for him. (I.e. Show up to work on time)

Give thanks to God – he is good. Enjoy the things he has given you. Stop being envious and building up treasures in this world. Enjoy your wife, enjoy your kids, enjoy your home, enjoy the work God has given you to do. Have fun, rest, play, give thanks. Live in the land God has given you and enjoy its abundance. Love God and his ways. Thank him everyday for what you have. Accept whatever God has given you and do not work to change it. And whatever you do, do out of the abundance of joy and thankfulness in your heart. If it gives you bitterness then do not do it. What good would that be to you or anyone else?

Whatever you do – do it well. Don’t try to be something that you weren’t created to be. Rest in God’s current – that is doing HIS will. You cannot screw up God’s plans for you. Act out in faith and hope. Hope for the day that is coming. Hope and faith are not hope and faith if we are 100% sure of it – that is just fact. But faith and hope have some measure of uncertainty – but its what we choose to believe anyway.