Miraculous Provision

What has God called you to do? He will miraculously provide for it.
God commands us to do things, when we trust him he does any and all miracles required to make it happen. If you will follow what God has called you to, and if you live to glorify Christ, every need you have will be met. But he is the one who defines what is needed. Consider the feeding of the 5,000 where Jesus commanded the disciples to feed them (Matthew 14:13-21), or the shekel that Jesus told Peter he could find in the first fish he caught so that they could pay the temple tax (Matthew 17:27). God can do anything.

  1. What has God called you to?
  2. What resources or needs do you have in order to fulfill what he has called you to?
  3. Ask him for what is needed to carry out what he has called you to.
  4. Believe that he will provide it.