Creator God

I am amazed by the fact that the same God who created space (Genesis 1:6) and the sun (Genesis 1:14) and simply caused land to appear (Genesis 1:9), also handcrafted each member of my family (Psalm 139-13-14). When I look at a picture of their faces and see how fragile my children are – that they are human – needing a heat source in our solar system, food, water, shelter and love to survive – I am amazed that a God who seems so AWEsome and vast and powerful could, or would, create such delicate and intricate life. It is beautiful that we exist – more beautiful than any piece of art and more wondrous than anything we could create or even dream. Our God is truly worthy of our praise, and he must love us dearly. Praise to God for the generous and loving works of his hands.