I Killed Jesus

So many chances to do what is right, but we pick what would please us.
Take me for example: I killed Jesus.

An innocent man with truth and life in his being
The words that he spoke cut me deep yet were freeing.

“Follow me, I am the way” came his call.
An invitation made to me and for all.

“Come all who are tired let me carry your burden.”
He looked right at me like he knew I was hurting.

Can’t say I didn’t know, I had my chance to listen,
but loved being right more than becoming a Christian.

Could have chose to bow down but did what was easy.
Followed the mob and my heart cause I’m greedy.

I stood by doing nothing as they yelled “crucify!”
“It’s all too hard, its not my fight,” my mind tried to justify.

As he hung dying I paid no attention
to his arms open wide that could overpower my apprehension.

As his life faded, I turned to walk away not sure of my decision.
Heard his last gasp of words, “Father, may he be forgiven.”

I once was so sure of my plan and direction
But now how can I argue with a real resurrection?

I fall to my knees grieved with pain knowing I was wrong.
His voice picks me up and says “I loved you all along.”