The Purpose of My Life

I’m trying to align the actions I take everyday to the bigger purpose that God has for my life. It’s easy to wake up each day and just do what I did yesterday. Before I know it, months or years may go by and I may have not used the time I had to focus on that which was most important. I don’t want to simply pass the time comfortably – I want to live with intention and in alignment with what my creator, God, made me to do. To do so, I need to understand what my purpose is. It seems possible that broadly speaking, my purpose may be consistent throughout my entire lifetime. When I look at specific tasks however, those things may change based on the specific points in my lifetime. I will therefore make a distinction between lifetime purpose, and purpose today, with the latter being more specific to my current situation and the former expected to be an ongoing purpose, regardless of time.

Ongoing Purpose Throughout My Lifetime

  1. Love the Lord my God with all my heart, soul, strength and mind. Supporting Verses
  2. Love my neighbor as myself. Supporting Verses
  3. Share the good news of what Jesus has done, with those who don’t know or don’t believe. Verses
  4. Live a quiet life, minding my own business. Verses
  5. Use the gifts God gave me to do His work of building up His Kingdom. Verses
    • Encourage followers of Jesus to press on
  6. Care for those in need and the poor. Verses

Specific Purpose At This Point In Time

  1. Love my wife and lay down my life for her. Verse
  2. Love my children. Teach them to obey and love the Lord. Verses
  3. Work for provision for my family and I. Verses