Here I am Lord, Send Me

My Heart

God I desire to start a house church – not because I am some wonderful leader, but because I love you and want to do your work. You’ve given me the spiritual gifts of encouragement, specifically toward men, and a desire for the truth and reverence of your word. You’ve given Ashley the gifts of hospitality and generosity and a gift to teach and love children. We love you and your ways and wholeheartedly reject the world and it’s temptations of wealth, comfort and pleasure. Joy and gladness are found in you alone. The best life is to know you and to follow in the path you lay out for us through obedience.

We believe it is your great joy to bless us with the things that are good for us that we need, and that you provide to those who ask.

Here’s what we are asking:

  1. Will you tell us where to go? What location do you want us?
  2. Will you tell us to whom we should offer good news? What people should we live among and proclaim your gospel?
  3. Will you provide for us financially? Will you provide for our needs, giving us the money and support we need to do the work you’ve called us to?
    • Will you tell me what job/work you want me to do in order to support the calling?
    • Will you make us financially independent – not reliant on a corporation to continue in our work?
    • Will you give us an abundance of resources so that we can bless those in need?
  4. Will you provide us with a local church with whom we can worship and be mutually encouraged to press on?
  5. Will you provide us with a “Barnabas” or a “Timothy” with whom we can partner?
  6. Will you provide us with the ability, skills, and community to homeschool our children well?
  7. Will you give us and our family great faith, strength and courage to always press on – to have foreheads as strong as bronze and a resolve as firm as iron to always believe, have faith and continue in what you’ve called us to?