Fall City Missionaries

All who believe in and follow Jesus are called to make disciples. A helpful way to think about who we are because of what Jesus has done for us is to think of 3 new identities:

  1. Family
  2. Servant
  3. Missionary

This post is meant to consider how we have worked to live out the identity of Missionary here in our town of Fall City.

Identify The Strongholds

Stronghold: a place dominated by a particular group or marked by a particular characteristic.

If the gospel is “good news” as its meaning suggests, how does that good news apply to the predominant characteristics of the area?

The strongholds in need of good news that we have identified in Fall City, which are not necessarily unique to the area, but are prevalent in much of the Seattle area are the following:

  1. Individualism / Fear of being known – By individualism here we mean, the mentality of not wanting to, or working to not need to, rely on anyone but oneself. Example: “Hey I saw you mowing your yard and wondered if I could come over and help.” “That’s ok, I’ve got it.” We suspect that what is ultimately behind this is a fear of being truly known – as if there are certain things about ourselves we feel uncomfortable with or fearful about having known by others. This fear creates isolation and a lack of depth in relationships.
  2. Child Care
  3. Loneliness
  4. Apathetic, Disengaged In Family Life, Men

Assess Skills/Giftings

Here are the skills we have identified in ourselves

  1. Teaching
  2. Hospitality
  3. Men’s encouragement and humble leadership (lead through vulnerability and gentleness)

We also look to partner with other people, preferably Christians, who have others skills and to cultivate community.

Counteract The Strongholds With Giftings/Skills

Look for opportunities to use the identified skills/giftings that counteract the strongholds of the community and share Jesus and the gospel message in the midst of it.

Here’s how we counteracted the strongholds:

  1. Individualism / Fear of being known = Share our weaknesses openly with anyone who wants to listen. Lead with vulnerability, removing shame and condemnation.
  2. Child Care = Create a homeschool community that meets in our home. Help start/teach at community co-op school.
  3. Loneliness = Opening our home to anyone and everyone often (almost daily). Are you sick? Come over anyway.
  4. Apathetic, Disengaged In Family Life, Men = Men’s Ministry with Impact Players. Men’s bible studies. Encourage and lead by example, not empty words.


To see fruit come to bear is a time to rejoice. Often it is the case the one plants, another waters, and yet another harvests. It feels as though much of the work we do is either planting or watering. What we are ultimately doing is cultivating community and space for families to battle through their sin, for a father to turn his heart to his children and wife, for children to grow up blessed and loved, and for people to be known deeply and feel belonging.