My Leadership Brand

Recently I did an exercise at work, which was really useful for drawing out some things that I want to remember. At work, they called this your “leadership brand.” I’m not sure I like that terminology, but that’s what they called it.

Value 1 – Spirituality

God created us. He determines and defines what is good, what is right, and what is true. Relationship with, worship of and joy in God is the purpose of life.

Value 2 – Courage

Courage is the ability to do the right thing even when you are afraid or don’t feel like it. Courage sets apart those willing to do what is hard and those that aren’t. Courage separates the selfless from the selfish.

Value 3 – Love

If I can move a mountain but I don’t have love, I am nothing. True, holy love is the most beautiful expression. Love stands the test of time – after all other things crumble and end, love will remain.

Why Are These Important To Me?

These are important to me because I believe they are good and right and handed to us from the author of our life, God. God calls us to love, to have courage and to have faith. I believe in a higher power with a higher wisdom and I put my hope in him and trust him.

How do I want others to experience interactions with me?

Do the hard things, and volunteer for them. I will love by being slow to irritation, and will keep my words always kind. I will always hope for the best and work to stop complaining.

How should I spend my time? Tell stories? Leave an impression?

I will spend my time encouraging others. I will tell stories that build others up. I will share the stories of my life truthfully, the good and the bad. I will share the good news of Jesus Christ and what he has done for all humanity. I will imitate Christ and I will have the courage to apologize and seek forgiveness when I fail.

At My Best

At my best I leave people feeling encouraged and built up. They feel loved and appreciated. At my best I help people and they can count on me for help. They know they can ask and that I will care enough to say yes, or help however I can. At my best, the most compelling thing about me is that I will do the things nobody else wants to and do it without complaining, while encouraging others to join me.

Not At My Best

When not at my best I am tired from pouring into others – I want time for me and I’m needy or sluggish or I complain. Others may find me negative or unwilling to take on more. In this case others see me as selfish.

My Leadership Brand Statement

Do the hard work, serve others, live like Jesus.