The Life God Is Calling Me To

God is changing our lives radically right now. We sold our house and gave away all our possessions to friends who needed them. We’re moving across the country to a place we don’t know.

I prayed with Ashley recently and asked God to give us a picture in our minds of the life he is calling us to live. What does it look like? What are we spending our time and money on? Where are we and what are we doing? Here’s what God has shown us so far:

  1. Create a community like the one we’ve enjoyed here in Fall City – God’s people gathered together, sharing our lives, blessing the community and sharing the good news of what Jesus has done for us.
  2. Invest in homeschool in whatever ways we can – homeschool community, a good space at home to conduct school, Supplies, materials, etc.
  3. Space for kids to get outside. Especially boys need space to go play outside.
  4. Be particular about the things we purchase. Don’t just buy stuff to feel good. Buy only what you need.

Questions That Still Need Answering

  1. Are we going to be more nomadic and move around, or are we settling into the Charlotte area for awhile?
  2. Are we going to become missionaries?
  3. Are we going to move back to the PNW?
  4. Should we buy or rent a home?
  5. Should I try a different career?