Are You Crazy? What Are You Doing?

I’m in the process of moving moving from Fall City, Washington to Charlotte, North Carolina with my wife, 5 kids, 2 dogs and cat. Over the past few weeks we gave away approximately 95% of our stuff. Tools, the kids’ toys, lots of clothes, kitchen goods – you know the stuff we’ve been accumulating over the last 14 years (Ashley and I just celebrated our 14 year wedding anniversary). It’s worth asking the question – what are we doing? Why are we doing it? It’s not that difficult to explain, but for some people it may be hard to understand. I’m recording it here so that I don’t forget myself.

What Is It?

The most basic thing it is, is a response to the call of Jesus. He calls us to come and follow him, and our response is “nothing else matters in comparison to you.” Dig deeper and you may see that it involves a deconstruction of how to live life. In some ways we’re scrapping it all and building it back from the ground up with the good things first (see below for the good things).

The Good Things

  1. Quality time with my family doing something fun. Making memories and loving each other well.
  2. Building God’s kingdom here by making disciples and doing good works.
  3. Putting our old way of life to death and becoming like him.


We are discontent with the American dream – of small living and inconsequential goals. We also find ourselves unable to put our flesh to death and truly follow Jesus. There are too many distractions and concerns that consume our time, energy and thoughts.


Give away all of our things, sell the house. Even consider a career change (debating this presently). This allows us to maximize or free up our time, energy and resources and pour them into things that really matter. (See below for list).

Things That Matter

  1. Love your enemies and your neighbor. Matthew 5:43-48
  2. Give to the poor. Secretly. Matthew 6:1-4
  3. Store up treasure in heaven. Matthew 6:20-21
  4. Produce Fruit! Matthew 7:18-20
  5. Do God’s Will. Obey Him. Matthew 7:21
  6. Have Faith. Matthew 9:22,29
  7. Acknowledge Christ Before Others. Matthew 10:32
  8. Lose Your Life. Matthew 10:39
  9. Harvest! Bring unbelievers to faith. Matthew 20:1-16
  10. Sell, give to poor, treasure in heaven, follow Jesus. Matthew 19:21