Using My Gift of Encouragement

It feels like a great trouble for the saints is on the horizon and we need a moment of strengthening and encouraging before the trial comes. If that be the case, I hope to contribute to the encouragement.

Who I Will Encourage

In order of priority and commitment

  1. My wife and children (household)
  2. Local circle of influence (close relationships locally)
  3. Local connections of my close relationships
  4. Non-Local close relationships (past church family, geo diverse friends)
  5. Local New Contacts
  6. Non-Local New Contacts

How I Will Encourage

  • Help with the things most important in their lives.
  • Be with them. Spend quality time.
  • Communicate what God is doing for me (highs, lows, accomplishments)
  • Share my testimony – what Jesus has done for me. Saved me, is saving me, will save me. Humility, shedding light on my own darkness opens the way for others to come out into the light.
  • Help them to believe in Jesus by exposing what they actually are believing in. Then offer Jesus in its place as the true King worthy of our faith. (Example: “What are you believing when you lie? That you need to hide your true self in order to be accepted or to get what you want. Believe instead in Jesus. Run to him and he accepts you as you are. He has true life and offers what you need which is so much better than what you think you want.”)